S​ubmission Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time and consideration to be a part of Bullets and Bandaids! Our world is peppered with veteran-centric art therapy nonprofits whose focuses are simply to get veterans to create art. Though that is entirely a valid and noble pursuit, our goal is to reinforce social cohesion by creating collaborations between veterans and civilians in order to provide an agency of collective expression. Through the dialogue between veteran, writer, and artist, as well as the participation in our touring art exhibit, we underscore both the support around us, as well as the responsibility we have to one another. 

We exist to celebrate our shared human journey. 

Also, please keep in mind that we garner international press, and so our standards for participation remain as high as they’ve ever been. Honor, dignity, and respect to the stories provided are not just desired, they’re entirely necessary. Beyond that, given that we now have international reach, we also accept submissions from veterans, writers, and artists from across the world.

For All Participants

In order to ensure ​​​​​everyone is taken care of on every level available, we have a few stipulations and observations that involve any participants with Bullets and Bandaids.

  1. All are welcome! Submission does not guarantee we can use your work, but it might plant a seed for us to use you in the future.
  2. Disrespect to anyone involved with the show, be that before or during the tour of the event, will not be tolerated.
  3. Everyone that has been a part of the previous Bullets and Bandaids events have set a high standard. The veterans, the writers, the artists… each has poured themselves into what they’ve done out of respect for everyone involved. Come with your A-game or let someone else do it.
  4. Our board of directors is made of veterans, writers, artists, and veterans who are writers/artists. So be reliable, as the rest of us will be. Given the size and intricacy of each event, attention to deadlines is especially important.

Contracts will need to be signed by participants. We try to be as transparent as possible, so the contracts are as clear, fair, and respectful of everyone involved as possible.

Interested Storytellers

Feel free to check out what to expect as a storyteller. This will give you more details about the process. 

In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown. 

If you don’t have someone writing your story, we can *potentially* supply one for you. However, even though our writers know to approach you with the dignity and respect you deserve, we cannot guarantee a specific writer. Only one that genuinely cares about your story.

Because we run the gamut of storytelling, from pride to shame to resignation, from comedic stories to those regarding sexual assault or LGBTQ issues. Not all heroes have been to a battlefield, and not everyone on a battlefield is a hero. In fact, go ahead and throw out the idea of “heroes,” unless speaking of others who have inspired you. Though pride is welcome, narcissism is not. 

Also, if you have a great story but you don’t think it’s appropriate because you think our society doesn’t want to hear it, as long as it doesn’t undermine the dignity of those involved or represents Stolen Valor, send us the concept.

Interested Writers

Check out out a detailed description of what to expect as a writer.

You will not be a participant until you have filled out the submissions form below. Make sure to include writing samples with your submission. Once you have done this, one of our representatives will reach out to you for further steps.

You will be given at least a month to write a 3-4 page story. 

You will be writing nonfiction. Ensure that the arc of the story you write is in the same spirit as what the veteran dictated. 

Once you find the arc, make sure the veteran is alright with it. From the initial point that you are given their information, you have a week to find the arc that fits the spirit of the story. After a week, you let the artist know the arc. If you cannot find an arc that fits the storyline after the first week, the artist will be handed the story to begin creating their own piece.

Interested Artist

Check out what to what to expect as an artist.

You will not be a participant until you have filled out the submissions form. Make sure to include your social media handles and/or a link to your portfolio with your submission. Once you have done this, one of our representatives will reach out to you for further steps.

Submissions that are not 2-dimensional are still accepted for donations and will still be displayed inside the booklet, though they cannot be used in conjunction with the veteran’s stories, as we are unable to reproduce a high resolution print of said work on canvas.