S​ubmission Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time and consideration to be a part of our events! 

Please read the criteria needed for participation. You can find some of the benefits you can expect on the About Us page.

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

All Involved

In order to ensure ​​​​​everyone is taken care of on every level available, we have a few stipulations and observations that involve any participants with Bullets and Bandaids.

  1. Disrespect to anyone involved with the show, be that before or during the tour of the event, will not be tolerated.
  2. Everyone that has been a part of the previous Bullets and Bandaids events have set a high standard. The veterans, the writers, the artists… each has poured themselves into what they’ve done out of respect for everyone involved. Come with your A-game or let someone else do it.
  3. Our board of directors is made of veterans, writers, artists, and veterans who are writers/artists. So be reliable, as the rest of us will be. Given the size and intricacy of each event, attention to deadlines is especially important.
  4. Contracts will need to be signed by participants that are clear, fair, and respectful of everyone involved. We are transparent, after all. 
  5. We focus on local veterans, writers, and artists. The following cities are where the next event will be held: Spartanburg/Greenville, SC 
    Columbia, SC
    Asheville, NC
    Charleston, SC
    Charlotte, NC


  1. Any stories told, be it written or dictated, are subject to the laws in accordance with Stolen Valor. If the spirit of the story given is not in the same context as the actual events, we cannot use said story. Plus, half of the board of directors are combat vets. Seriously. Don’t play.
  2. Stories can be either written or told in order to be written by select writers. The artists will be allocated at the discretion of Bullets and Bandaids.
  3. If you have a great story but you don’t think it’s appropriate because of the social context, send it. It may very well be exactly what we’re looking for. 
  4. Not all great military stories have to involve combat. Just make sure it’s a moving story. But if it does involve combat, those stories are entirely welcomed as well.


  1. You will be given at least a month to write a 3-4 page story. 
  2. Please don’t submit until you are familiar with, and confident that, you can make deadlines.
  3. You will be writing nonfiction. Ensure that the arc of the story you write is in the same spirit as what the veteran dictated. Use artistic license for metaphor, not context.
  4. Once you find the arc, make sure the veteran is alright with it. From the initial point that you are given their information, you have a week to find the arc that fits the spirit of the story. After a week, you let the artist know the arc. If you cannot find an arc that fits the storyline after the first week, the artist will be handed the story to begin creating their own piece.  
  5. It’s practically a guarantee that your work will be edited. If you’re professional (or damn close to), then you’re familiar.


  1. We accept most forms of media, so long as they fit the theme and meet the standards set in previous shows. 
  2. Submissions that are not 2-dimensional are still accepted for donations and will still be displayed inside the booklet, though they cannot be used in conjunction with the veteran’s stories, as we are unable to reproduce a high resolution print of said work on canvas.
  3. If you are assigned a story, there are specific measurements that must be followed in order for us to make duplicates and ship the original.
  4. If you are unreliable for whatever reason, that’s no stress! You do you! But please don’t submit to us until you are confident you can comfortably meet a deadline. This is a collaborative effort that only works if mutual respect is shown to everyone. 
  5. All are welcome! Submission does not guarantee we can use your work, but it might plant a seed for us to use you in the future.
  6. As stated in the “About” page, you will receive 40% of the auctioned price of your work. Keep in mind that we have in the past received international press and, because of past experience, we have a streamlined auction process that ensures the best bidding price for your work. Also keep in mind that this is a traveling art show, which means more coverage for you and your work.