Bullerts and Bandaids

Volume 4

"The Next Step"


Currently on display at the Columbia Museum of Art.

Join us for an art and story telling experience, featuring collaborations between veterans and civilian writers and artists.

Bullets and Bandaids – Volume 4: The Next Step is a continuance of our living anthology, this time with 115 participants, stories ranging from WW II to the civilian experience of having veterans in their lives, and a massive swath of different artforms, from oils and acrylics to sculptures and knives. We have participants from Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, and more.

We haven’t just done this to convince everyone that we’re sharing a common human journey, and with that understanding, a sense of support and responsibility for those around you. We do this simply to remind everyone, as we’ve done three times before, each time adding and changing aspects in order to fully highlight the stories our veteran participants have had the bravery to tell.

Some people have said what we do is impossible. Our organization not only shows it’s possible, we show it is necessary.

Support veterans, support local artists and writers, and help heal the community. 

We are a 501c3 Veteran-Centric Art Therapy Non-Profit

And we could use your support with this project.

Featured Artists

Jason Henry Anderson
Haley Beann
Kara Bender
Gina Langston Brewer
Jessica “JB” Burke
G. David Burnell
Catherine E. Case
Barb Cherry
Keef Cross
Heather and Mark Davern
Jeff Elmore
Dawn Faber
Vanessa Grebe
Charity Hamidullah
Spencer Herr
Marjorie M. Huwa
Cheryl Johnson
Nancy Hilliard Joyce
Mary Kamerer
Jonathan Gregory Keller
Rebecca King Hawkinson
Al Leitch
Susan Lenz
Dre Lopez
Sammy Lopez
Joey Lynn
Elizabeth McBride
Ryan McEwen
La Ruchala Amyrrh Murphy
Ryan O’Sullivan
Holly S. Rauch
Aort Reed
Dwight Rose
Michael Ross
Lucas Sams
Sara Scott
Michael Shepard
Tatiana Sukhanov
Melvin Toledo
Cedric Umoja
Jim Wildman
Olga Yukhno

Partners • Sponsor • Major Donors

Department of Vetrans Affairs
South Carolina Arts Commission
University of South Carolina
Battle Betty Foundation
Brother and Sisters like these
Art Bar
one world brewing
RJ Rockers Brewing Company