Bullerts and Bandaids
Art is Truth. Tell Yours.

We match veterans with writers and artists to tell their stories through original collaborative artwork, presented in a touring art and storytelling experience.

Why we do it.

When veterans return from their service, they are greeted at arm’s length, labeled to fill in the role that society has built for them. This role, though built with good intention, undermines the humanity that we all share. This robs veterans of their individuality, forcing them to either fit the standard they are being shoved into or become an outcast from both veterans and civilians.

We are all in this together.

Our mission is to bring about social cohesion between veterans and civilians through a collaborative art project. By blurring the line between these participants, we can underscore that we are all in this together, sharing our lives and humanity, regardless of our past experiences.

As a burgeoning nonprofit, our existence is entirely hinged on the generosity of our donors. ​​​​ ​With this, we can further our goal to support veteran and civilian alike. 

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First and foremost, your dignity is paramount to us. The strength it takes to own your story, and beyond that, to have the courage to share it for the benefit of others, will always be recognized and appreciated throughout the process.

Regardless of the subject matter, be it funny or tragic, prideful, shameful, or resigned, our veteran participants should feel free to speak their truth


You can either supply your own veteren-centric story or we can connect you with a veteran for an interview.

Interviews can be done on any aspect of life that makes it worth living, either in celebration or in direct opposition to the circumstances provided, so long as it captures the spirit of the subject’s story. 


All are welcome! We accept most forms of media, so long as they fit the theme and meet the standards set in our previous shows. 

You will receive the interview, and draft of the story. You will be given a deadline to complete your work in order to make the show, auction, and printed book. If you finish early we are more than happy to accept your work at any point beforehand.

Stay Informed about the project

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