Bullerts and Bandaids
Art is Truth. Tell Yours.

Our Mission:
To break down social barriers between veterans and civilians by celebrating our common humanity through storytelling and artwork.

We match veterans with writers and artists to tell their stories through original collaborative artwork, presented in a touring art and storytelling experience.

Why we do it

At Bullets and Bandaids, our mission is deeply rooted in honoring the unique journeys of veterans and fostering connection between communities. We believe that every veteran’s story is a powerful testament to resilience, courage, and humanity. Through our collaborative platform, we bring together talented writers and artists to translate these narratives into captivating works of art.

We do it to amplify voices that often go unheard and to shed light on the diverse experiences of those who have served. Our commitment to storytelling serves as a bridge, breaking down barriers between veterans and civilians, and fostering empathy and understanding.

We do it because we believe in the transformative power of art to heal, inspire, and unite. By sharing these stories through exhibitions, publications, and events, we aim to create spaces where dialogue thrives, perspectives are broadened, and connections are forged.

Join us in our journey as we continue to celebrate the resilience, strength, and humanity of veterans, one story, and one artwork at a time.


As a burgeoning nonprofit, our existence is entirely hinged on the generosity of our donors. ​​​​ ​With this, we can further our goal to support veteran and civilian alike. 



First and foremost, the dignity of our storytellers is paramount to us. The strength it takes to own their story, and beyond that, to have the courage to share it for the benefit of others, will always be recognized and appreciated throughout the process.

Regardless of the subject matter, be it funny or tragic, prideful, shameful, or resigned, when our veteran participants are interviewed, they are confident to speak their truth, because that truth will be heard.  

This is further realized by the company they keep, as we have covered stories from WW II up to present day, ranks from private up to two-star general, and perspectives that run the gamut of human experience, not just from Americansbut from around the world


The writers we incorporate into our program are approached for several different reasons, but all lead to one word: Intention.

Intension shows they have mastered their craft to the point where they can convey a message. That intention further underscores their ability to showcase their own voice. It shows how much time and effort they put into the creation of their work.

Once our writer participants are given an interview, as well as direct access to the veteran, they create an original work inspired by both. Just as we run the gamut of individual circumstance, we give our writers a great deal of license for their own style of expression, including poetry, prose, one act plays, songs, and more. 


Just as our writers are approached for their intention, our artist participants are chosen specifically for how they convey their own voice. 

With access to the veteran, the interview, the writer, and the written work, they then create an original piece of art inspired by the veteran’s story. 

And just as we try to cover as many different aspects of perspective and literary expression as possible, we try to incorporate as many different styles of visual work we can find.

Through this, we have incorporated different style of watercolors, acrylics, metalwork, clay sculptures, knives, digital art, multimedia, and the list goes on.

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