What To Expect As An Artist

Things to Know as an Artist Participant

First and foremost, we are entirely grateful for your interest and consideration. Our cause is one reliant upon  the motivations of others do help us do something objectively Good. We literally couldn’t do it without you. So from all of us at Bullets and Bandaids, thank you. We will make sure that both you and your work is treated with the utmost dignity.

Because dignity is paramount to us. The strength it takes to own their story, and beyond that, to have the courage to share it for the benefit of others, will always be recognized and appreciated throughout the process. So regardless of the subject matter, our veteran participants should feel free to speak their truth. With this in mind, the stories you may be given range from violent to funny, sad to victorious. Maybe a combination of all or none. 

Also, for those artists based outside of the United States, we will be addressing you individually for the present. Thank you for your patience while we grow and adapt!

What to Expect

Just as veterans don’t get to choose their artists, artists won’t be able to pick their veterans. If this is even remotely a potential issue for you, then please do not participate, as the exchange between two random people is part of the traveling art project. Having said that, what you are doing is meant to make the world a better place. Sometimes you have to get dirty.

-All are welcome! Just go to our Submissions Page and fill out the form, giving us a general representation of your craft. Once we have the opportunity to look at your work, we will reach out to discuss where we might go from there. And though submission does not guarantee we can use your work, it might plant a seed for us to work with you in the future. 

-Please recognize that, by participating, you are a part of something larger. Meeting deadlines is absolutely paramount to the functioning of our program. 

-Veterans, writers, and artists are all randomly assigned. 

-We accept most forms of media, so long as they fit the theme and meet the standards set in our previous shows. 

-Submissions that are not 2-dimensional are still accepted for donations and will still be displayed inside the booklet, though they cannot be used in conjunction with the veteran’s stories, as we are unable to reproduce a high resolution print of said work on canvas. Some examples are as follows:


-Interpretive Dance

-Virtual Reality

-Installation Art

-If you are assigned a story, there are specific measurements, anywhere between 3’ X 3’ to 1’ X 1’,  that must be followed in order for us to make and ship both duplicates, as well as the original. We have to transport these from one city to the next, and so it’s necessary to not get too carried away.

-You will receive 40% of the auctioned price of your work. Keep in mind that we have in the past received international press and, because of past experience, we have a streamlined auction process that ensures the best bidding price for your work. Also keep in mind that this is a touring art show, which means more coverage for you and your work.

-In future iterations, we will also be incorporating a survey that will be taken four times throughout the process, from initial interview to roughly a month after the end of our touring art project, in order to get the feedback we need to make sure we are the best nonprofit we can be, where we fall short, and where we excel.


Step 1– You will receive the interview, the writer’s rough draft, or both. 

Step 2You will be given a deadline for you to complete your work. If you finish early we are more than happy to accept your work at any point beforehand.

Step 3– Artwork must be dropped off at the specified location, unless otherwise discussed. If two dimensional, artwork must be hang-ready.

Step 4– Upon reception of the artwork, as well as your artist statement, you’ll be given $100 for material costs. 

Step 5– Bullets and Bandaids will be taking high resolution photos.

Step 6– Bullets and Bandaids will combine stories and photos of the artwork into a book that will act as a physical anthology that captures the entirety of the show.

Step 7– Bullets and Baindaids will begin touring.

Step 8– Bidding for the online auction opens the first day of the tour and closes one week after the last show. 

Step 9– Artist receives 40% of the bid for their work. If their work is not bid upon, the artist has the choice between allowing us to sell it on our website or to keep it themselves.

Step 10– As soon as the winning bids have been collected, you will receive a check for your percentage of said bid.

Thank you so much for your interest and effort! 

We are always accepting submissions for our future projects and we’d love for you to join us!