Bullerts and Bandaids

Volume 3

Now on Tour

"What Now?"


“What Now?” – It’s a question every veteran asks themselves when returning to civilian life. Even the best made plans can fall flat when faced with reality. 

Why is there such a visceral disconnect between returning veterans and the civilian communities they joined-up to defend and preserve? What can we do to rebuild the individual human connections that bind us all together?

These are some of the questions we are trying to answer with Bullets and Bandaids – Volume 3, “What now?”. The upcoming traveling art and story telling exhibition, features collaborations between veterans and civilian writers and artists.

Our process gives a platform for veterans to tell their stories using the talents and perspectives of supportive civilians. This allows for healing, not just for our veterans, but for our communities. And the artwork – speaks for itself.

Join us for an evening of camaraderie, reflection, and appreciation in one of five host cities around the Carolinas. And the original artworks will be available in an online auction after the tour.

Support veterans, support local artists, heal the community. 

We are a 501c3 Veteran-Centric Art Therapy Non-Profit

And we could use your support with this project.

Featured Artists

Sophie Angela
Ashley Berendzen-Russell
Joseph Berliner
Michaela Pilar Brown
Tony Brown
Amy Brown
Lauren Chapman
Zachary Diaz
Samantha Edmiston
Jennifer Emswiler
Melinda Fine
Kate Frost
Sharon Funderburk
Laura Garner
Ron Hagell
BA Hohman
Lori Isom
Wilma King
Shelby LeBlanc
Cleaster Cotton LeHeup
Susan Lenz
James Love
Ida Mae
Robert Matheson
Ginny Merrett
Dumah Morgan
Ryan O’Sullivan
Caylin Paige
Joseph Pearson
Holly Suchonel Rauch
Holly Suchonel Rauch
Morgan Renew
Lucas Sams
Beth Sellers
Rob Shaw
David Sheldon
James Sisk
Will South
Ashley Warren
Steve White
Karl Zurfluh

Partners • Sponsor • Major Donors

Department of Vetrans Affairs
South Carolina Arts Commission
University of South Carolina
Battle Betty Foundation
Brother and Sisters like these
Art Bar
one world brewing
RJ Rockers Brewing Company