Bullets & Bandaids Terms and Conditions for Curators, Veterans, Artists, and Writers

Bullets and Bandaids
701 Gervais St
Suite 150
Box 414
Columbia, SC 29201
Represented by: Robert LeHeup, President
Email: [email protected]

Applying for consideration to be involved in the Bullets and Bandaids events implies express agreement to the terms and conditions as outlined below:

For the purpose of commissioning works of art or writing (“Art Work”) to sell in a touring exhibition (the “Exhibition”).
The fundamental mission of Bullets and Bandaids underscores that we are all sharing a common human journey. All people involved in the project will show dignity to one another throughout the entirety of the project or, as acknowledged by Bullets and Bandaids, the offender or offenders will be ejected from the project without compensation.
Every participant is required to meet the deadlines specified. There’s a lot of moving parts to this, so please keep apprised.
Each role must be filled by a different person per exhibit in order to reinforce the social cohesion aspects of the program, unless otherwise authorized by Bullets and Bandaids.
Each person is required to fill out a survey provided by Bullets and Bandaids before, during, and three months after the project end date. We do this in order to be able to recognize where we have excelled and where we have fallen short. Any critical feedback is invaluable.

-Acquisition of a venue and all Artists involved in the project in their defined city.
-Ensuring the Writers are on task in regard to the stories derived from the veterans to whom they are attached for the project.
-Ensure that the Artists remain on task to reach the deadlines prescribed by Bullets and Bandaids for the time they are employed.
-Ensure that Art Works from all artists in their defined city are dropped off at a location of their designation in order for Bullets and Bandaids to collect one month prior to the beginning of the overall project.
-Ensure that the actual curation of the show, including music, alcohol, and concessions (all of which will be paid for) is executed the day of the initial event in their defined city.
-Aid in the distribution of marketing materials through social and print media.
-Aid in correspondence with local media outlets, including acquisition of contact information.

-The Artist shall create an original work, “Art Work,” and deliver the said work to Bullets and Bandaids no later than one month prior to the date of the beginning of the scheduled exhibition tour.
-Once assigned a veteran’s story, the Artist is expected to represent the spirit of the story assigned to them.
-Hanging art should be mounted, framed, and/or ready to display by the day of curatorial pick-up.
-Art Work may not be removed once donated unless otherwise stated in print by Bullets and Bandaids.
-Artwork deemed offensive by Bullets and Bandaids or the veteran in context to the work will be removed from the show.

-The Writer shall be assigned a Veteran’s story and will create an original work, “Art Work,” to be published in a book which will be sold or given away at Bullets and Bandaids discretion in tandem with The Exhibition.
-Writers are expected to follow the timeline presented to them. If a writer proves to be unreliable after being vetted, they will not be invited to participate in the future and will not receive any payment from book sales.
-Each story will be single spaced, font size 11, Ariel or Times New Roman font, and 2-4 pages in length.
-The writer is responsible for ensuring the veteran they represent is satisfied with the story.
-Work chosen for inclusion in the project will be subject to editing prior to publication.

-Veterans must volunteer their stories with the understanding that falsification of their story is susceptible under penalty of the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.
-Veterans are invited to be entirely truthful, both to the writers and themselves, as that is a founding principle behind B&B.
-Veterans will be assigned an artist and writer at random. Though B&B will do their best to find the appropriate artists for each story, the interpretation of the artist’s work is subjective, and therefore satisfaction in the artist attached to the veteran’s story is not guaranteed.
-Veterans are allowed to write their own story or produce their own art, but any potential contributions will be held to the same standard and process as other writers and artists.
-Veterans are expected to treat the artists, writers, and fellow veterans with respect. If they are a part of this show, contempt is not welcome. This is another founding principle behind B&B.

-A panel of judges from both the local community and the Bullets and Bandaids board will review all Art Work to determine inclusion in the Exhibition. Judges will focus on originality, skill, reliability, pricing, and overall presentation. If any of these criteria aren’t met to the satisfaction of our judges, we still encourage artists to approach us in the future, as all of these are subject to change over time.
-Bullets and Bandaids shall promote and display the Art Work as part of the Exhibition with the intent to auction said work for the highest price possible.
-Bullets and Bandaids shall ensure all art work is displayed throughout the project.
-Bullets and Bandaids will ensure every person is compensated in accordance with their prescribed fee for operation.
-Bullets and Bandaids takes full responsibility for distribution of Art Work after its sale.

Bullets and Bandaids will take reasonable measures to safeguard the conditions of the Art Work at all times, including during transportation, exhibition, and shipping.

Bullets and Bandaids shall not be held liable for damage to Art Work which occurs during transportation or exhibition when all reasonable measures of care have been taken to protect the Art Work. Should damage to Art Work occur, Bullets and Bandaids will work cooperatively with the Artist to resolve the issue.

Bullets and Bandaids will promote and present the Art Work with the intent of sale.The Artist will receive 40% of the auctioned value of their work once the project has ended. Once they have donated their work for either the limited edition shirts, booklet, prints or the designated event, they hand over possession of said work to B&B. If the Art Work is not bid upon, said Art Work will have a one month window beginning on the day after the auction ends in which the artists may retrieve their work, minus their initial stipend for material costs. After the one month window, unless otherwise notified, Bullets And Bandaids retains the Art Work in perpetuity.

The Writers will have their work published, with an allocated stipend when available.

Veterans will receive the high-resolution print on canvas of one chosen two-dimensional piece either through the mail or on a specified pick-up day, unless otherwise stated, as well as being directed to the coordinated nonprofits in their area.

The Artists and The Writers agree to grant Bullets and Bandaids permission to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, distribute, sell, and perform or display publicly the Art Work donated in perpetuity.
The Artist and The Writer retain copyright to their original work.

Bullets and Bandaids may photograph or authorize photographing, videotaping, or filming of any Art Work for the purpose of inclusion in promotional material accompanying the Exhibition, media and publicity purposes, and maintaining an archival record of the Exhibition.

All publicity, promotional releases, invitations, announcements, and other printed material concerning the Exhibition shall carry a credit of the Artist, the Writer, and the Veteran to the best of our ability. If there is an issue, it is in our best interest to resolve it in order to retain the respect of everyone involved.

The parties will attempt to resolve any dispute arising out of or relating to this Contract through friendly negotiations amongst the parties. If the matter is not resolved by negotiation, any controversies or disputes arising out of or relating to this Contract will be submitted to mediation through the Bullets And Bandaids Board of Directors. If mediation does not successfully resolve the dispute, the parties may proceed to seek an alternative form of resolution in accordance with any other rights and remedies afforded to them by law.

The undersigned recognizes this contract as binding and will be held to this until the end of the project in which they are a part.