Show 2 : Roy Smith

Artist: Roy Smith

Medium: Acrylic

Show: Vol. 2

I have spent over half my life in the Upstate of South Carolina. I am a resident and artist in Spartanburg and I and the IT Operations Manager at Spartanburg Community College. I am a member of the Spartanburg Artists’ Guild and continue to promote my works both locally and throughout the southeastern United States. Having grown up in a family of artists, I began drawing at a very young age and have continued to make the creation and study of art an integral part of my life. I formally studied 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional arts in college, regularly attend workshops, and have continued to collaborate with and learn from other artists.

Many of my works are impressionistic, but I continue to study, light and darkness, space and dimension, through the use of different painting techniques. My current works include portraits, architectural, southern region scenes, murals, semi-abstracts, and fun projects like the Upstate Warriors. I continue to work on my techniques and explore different themes and hope to provide a unique perspective on 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional arts.

This project has been such a fun and challenging artistic project. My challenge—just like all my works—was to capture a moment that displayed the dichotomy of war and kindness. The moment my painting intends to capture is:

The person, though a soldier in full combat gear, is still human and is humane. He pushes away the fears and stereotypes instilled with war in the middle east to do a kind deed and make a difference to the children that are involuntarily subjected to the endless horrors they witness.

I hope that you will find that my works convey to you the look and feel of each and every subject I present. In many of my works, I look to capture those special moments in life, where nature or the situation suddenly catches your attention, interrupts your overly busy schedule, and presents a visual masterpiece. Though this moment may be brief, it causes you to stop and soak it in. Thanks to the veterans that protect our great country without expecting appreciation back home. Our debt to you is immeasurable and I thank you for the opportunity to use my artistic abilities to benefit a nonprofit that helps our local veterans.