Show 2 : Chris Pace

Artist: Chris Pace

Medium: Photography B&W

Show: Vol. 2

I was born in the Bronx, joined the Marine Corps in the summer of 2000, after I got out, I went to Montclair State University to study art, and am still pursuing a career in it. I currently work as a Virginia State Trooper, which helps me stay independent while still being able to study, create, and continue my passion in the arts. I don’t consider myself a scholar in art history, but rather an artist who loves the history of human visual expression.


Emotion and the serene are the main drives of my work. I leave the rest up to the viewer. I am inspired by the extra-normal and beautiful utopias that are of unseen in everyday life. My work tries to understand this with its relationship to death, and how the two are so intrinsic.

Most of my work is photography, digital or film but mostly film prints. I find that film gives you a certain look that is more serene. However, this particular image is digital and I feel best signifies personal experience with talent for artistic expression.