Quick 2 sentences what they will find here. Thank you for your interest.

We can have jump link nav here for quick reference.

Press Releases.

Bulleted list, in order of newest to oldest. Downloadable PDF.

Talking points, bulleted list and a downloadable PDF for their connivance.

Logo section, Grid of logos, black, white, green. all transparent TIFF. Downloadable when they click on the logo they want. Stacked as well as inline.

Grid of high rez hero art, ones we really like that we are ok with being used over and over. We use them a lot in our media as well. They are our signature art. Not so high that they can be reused, just high enough so they don’t look like crap. Water mark them with B&B logo.

Grid of Board photos for articles. quick bios all downloadable. 

Summary of History (timeline) full short history from about section as a downloadable PDF. 

FAQ section, basic questions with answers bulleted list. Then Move into questions we just get asked a lot.

Quotes from Robert, bulleted. Quotes from participants and family, bulleted. all downloadable.

Awards & Accolades- List with logo. Quick description of what it is, when we got it, why we got it.