All We’re Missin’ is the Jury

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Amy Brown
22.5” x 14” • Acrylic on Canvas

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Inspired by the experiences of Robert LeHuep

All We’re Missin’ is the Jury
by Robert LeHeup

Didja join the military? Oh yeah?
Didja join the Marine Corps? Oh yeah?
Didja join the infantry? Oh yeah?
Didja join up with snipers or recon? Oh yeah?
Didja have to go overseas? Oh yeah?
Didja see any dead bodies? Oh yeah?
Didja have friends die? Oh yeah?
Didja watch’em die? Oh yeah?
Didja get shot at? Oh yeah?
Didja shoot back? Oh yeah?
Didja kill somebody? Oh yeah?
Didja kill a few people? Oh yeah?
Didja kill someone without a gun? Oh yeah?
Didja kill people with a serrated piece of bone you caught that was flying through the air in mid-explosion while doing a backflip onto the skulls of your enemies? Oh no?

Then you ain’t seen nothin’.


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