Combat Fairy

Holly Suchonel Rauch 16” x 16” • Acrylic on Canvas

Holly Suchonel Rauch
16” x 16” • Acrylic on Canvas

Inspired by the experiences of Kristine Hartvigsen

Combat Fairy
by Kristine Hartvigsen

I would hover above the battlefield at night, jam all the weapons, exact calamitous pain on any foe with a zero on you.

I would sprinkle magic dust over the whole of your trench, breathe warmth into the crook of your neck, and gently pat the cowlick at your hairline.

I would watch the vapor of your breath rise in the cold night air, lift your head off the barrel of your M-4, and temper the ruddy brand left on your face by grooves in the steel.

I would wave my wand to lighten the heft of your ruck, heat the socks inside your muddy boots, cast a fullness in your belly.

I would bless your cigarette with healing calm, make my glitter form a brimming shield, plant bulbs of a future beyond this distant place.

I would pollinate your dreams with hope, infuse your heart with memories of a time — not so long ago — when all of this was just play.