We are a veteran-centric art therapy nonprofit whose focus is to create social cohesion and empowerment from dialogue between veterans and civilians through collaborative art.


To be a shining example of the possibilities for cultural cohesion through social interaction between veterans and civilians, and to inspire others to do the same. We want to showcase the support and responsibility that comes from the idea that we are all in this together, and thereby address fundamental issues such as drug abuse, domestic violence, and suicidal ideation. In other words, we want to have an active role in ushering in a more peaceful and understanding path toward growth as a society. Which means our only competition are those that seek to separate us.

Our Core Values

Social Responsibility

We see this as having the strength of character to look around at your fellow man and recognize that not only are we all in this together, but that there’s both support and responsibility in that realization. We create collaboration where there might otherwise be separation. We see the depth and breadth of one another as being inherently worthwhile. We see the opportunity to make the world a better place, one veteran at a time.


This means patience. The genuine attempt to understand where others might be coming from. The confidence that each of us has the strength to not only better ourselves, but the world around us. It means dignity for all, met with a courageously open mind, and a fierce belief that we are stronger together than we are apart.


We believe that the road to truth is paved with honesty, and so we welcome as many forms of expression as we can muster. Whether it be stories, writing, artwork, live performance, or any other form, as long as it stays true to the human spirit, it is welcomed. After all, metaphor and genuine motivation are both glues for social understanding.


Nothing of lasting substance was ever built on shaky ground. What we ask of our veterans is a brave undertaking, so we will give them the most firm foundation we can offer. This means dedication, sincerity, reliability, and transparency. We believe in the potential of one another. And so we speak of integrity with confidence.